Making Room

As we saw yesterday there are many new plows joining fleets all across the region but for every new plow that joins and old plow must leave. It is a law of nature. Below we see one of two International 2674 from the City of Syracuse. These two have sat behind the salt barn since early spring waiting for the eventual move to the Onondaga County surplus location behind the North Area Maintenance Facility. Apparently there is no rush to sell these truck as they finally arrived on site three weeks ago. The listing on Auctions International has yet to show up…unless I missed. LOL, yeah right.

Update: Items were listed after this post went live. Click here to view.

International 2674

Above, truck 251 as it sits now, and here as it was in August of 2013. It doesn’t seem much different!


As I was passing through the Town of Wilna, NY this past weekend I noticed these two truck sitting outside on display. Turns out they are for sale. The sale sign didn’t list much information but the one on the left is 2674 while the one on the right is a S2500

International Trucks

Now there is a possibility this next truck is not for sale. I saw it at the local Kenworth dealer so it’s possible it might in for engine work (Cummins) or maybe it’s a trade in. From the Town of Brutus, an International 2574. Have you noticed the pattern yet?

International 2574

What was once new is now old. They cycle continues.


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2 Responses to Making Room

  1. Joe says:

    Great pictures Eric. Very nicely framed.

    Those Wilna trucks are both 2574’s as they have the set forward axles. 2674’s have set back front axles. The one on the right without the plow equipment is an early one if that is the original hood! I would guess no later than a 1981, possibly a ’77-’79 vintage. Did you happen to notate the VIN’s? I’ll run them for the details.

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