Manitowoc Dragline

Yesterday as I was heading to the Broome County Fair to check out a truckers parade and truck pull I noticed a large dragline at work. If you have ever traveled the stretch of I-81 between Binghamton and Cortland you’ve probably seen this very machine. Numerous aqua quarries (trademark pending) dot the landscape. Some have been mined out while others are active operations full of neat equipment.  I was excited about my great timing to catch one of these machines in action but just as I pulled into a convenient parking spot the operator put the machine into idle and took a break. What did I just say about timing? Thankfully it was only a stretch break and he was soon back at it.


I hung around for a few cycles to watch the bucket plunge into the clear water and emerge moments later with gravel. The sound of the engine revving under load. The creak and groan of cables at work. It was hypnotic. If I didn’t have somewhere to go I would have stayed longer.

In the background of it all a Cat 980H buzzed back and forth from the pile of freshly extracted gravel. A scene no doubt repeated day after day during the road building season.

And that truck show I mentioned above? Fantastic! Full coverage on Tuesday!

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  1. DAVID Kingsbury says:

    That’s Manitowoc not Manitowac!
    Great Video of one of the best Excavators and Lift Cranes Ever Built!

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