Matt’s Truck

I came across this story in the most recent edition of Vintage Truck magazine and thought others would like to help with this worthy cause relating to a father and son restoration of an old International dump truck.

Classic Truck Posters is raising money to help Matt and his father restore an International R series dump truck.  Unlike other father and son teams who can take years restoring their chosen vehicle Matt and his father Mark may have limited time together as Matt suffers from a variety of health aliments.  This old dump truck and it’s restoration happens to be of Matt’s greatest joys as he has been a truck nut his entire life.  Sadly his family fears he won’t be live long enough to see the truck hit the road as their finances are strained.  Classic Truck Posters have already succeeded in raising enough money to help the family pay their remaining balance on the truck and now they are continuing to help with the restoration.

As an IHC owner, fan and life long truck lover I can definitely relate to this story.  Please considering helping Matt and his family today.  For more information please click here.

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