Mobile Mack Screen Plant

It’s been awhile since I’ve featured a Suit-Kote truck on Daily Diesel Dose so here is an interesting Mack that appears to have a screening plant built on the back. I’m not sure if this truck works in tandem with other pieces of equipment but that is my guess. ┬áThe setup is very similar to the one found on this old Brockway.

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  1. Ray says:

    They are portable pug mills that set up typically in municipal yards and make cold mix for paving. There would also be a T/T with emulsion attached to this pug mill while in operation .The bin on the rear is split in half to allow two different stone types . Then the mix is transferred up the belt to the pug mill where emulsion is added and blended by an operator and then dropped out the front . A loader operator fills the bins and removes mix from the front of the truck and either loading trucks or stock piles the product .

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