Northwest 180D Shovel

Do you like to see rare one of a kind items? Of course you do. Especially when that item is heavy equipment as seen here in the form of a Northwest 180D.

This particular unit worked constantly from its manufacturing date in 1963 until 2017 at a limestone quarry in southern Indiana. That’s right, 54 years of hard labor and it’s still around. The 180D still is running its original Murphy V-8 diesel with twin turbos on each exhaust manifold. Power for days!

Yup, this is a big machine, 267,000 pounds big. The 180D was the largest shovel offered by Northwest over the years. This particular machine has a five cubic yard bucket but for intensive earth moving operations a 10 yard bucket was also available.

If you have free time this weekend (May 18th-19th) head down to the National Pike Show in Brownsville, PA to see this machine in operation. Yes, you read that right. The 180-D has been fully assembled on site and will be moving earth along with numerous other shovels and vintage equipment.

I’ve often thought about attending this show but never got around to it which is sad because there is both a spring and summer show! Do yourself a favor and visit youtube and search for National Pike show. You’ll like what you will find. Just don’t expect to get anything done for a few hours.

Thanks to Matt Folsom, Mr. Northwest himself, for sharing these photos via new owner Larry Padulo. I’m putting this show on the calendar for next year!

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  1. Benjamin c lopossa says:

    I ran that shovel for about 18 years. I spent alot of time digging shale at hydraulic press brick. And I changed alot of cables on that old girl. I kinda miss her.

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