NTEA 2020

With the Corona Virus specter hovering over the known universe more than a few large trade show have been outright canceled. This was not the case with the NTEA 2020, the work truck show. Over the past four years our friend Tom has provided some great coverage of the event. I agree with his statement that seeing this 4900XD for the Asheville, NC airport was more than enough reason for an road trip. 

And, as I have stated for the past four years. I really need to get to this show! 

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2 Responses to NTEA 2020

  1. Ed Vanderwall says:

    Great pictures, So many shows, so little time. Glad you have Tom in the field to keep us up to date on the latest work trucks. Thanks!

  2. Seth Granville says:

    I so wish I could’ve gone to that show!

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