Remember when we used to play National Grid truck bingo? Well, at least I did. It was fun for awhile until I stopped seeing any trucks other than Freightliner M2 bucket trucks. A man can not live on Business Class alone! Maybe it’s time to move onto NYSDOT trucks. Yes, there are more than just plows in the fleet.

Look at this fun little ride. It would be perfect for the infield at NASCAR races.

And then there is this mobile drill rig. It seems to be taking samples in the footprint of I-81. If you are from the Syracuse area you know this elevated by-pass cuts through the city and scheduled to reach end of life right about….now. Elected officials and other bureaucrats have been arguing for years about what to do with the replacement. Maybe a tunnel? Boulevard? Barge canal? Study after study. Hundreds of millions down the drain. Nothing to show for it. Just tear the damn thing down already so I get days an days of heavy demo footage.

The one think you’ll notice on both these trucks in the absence of the flying T logo. By mandate under the guise of cost saving every state vehicle now wears the same logo. IT SUCKS! The letter looks fine on a Dodge caravan but is barely large enough on a snow plow.

Ah, another fine old man rant. I’m on a roll recently.

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4 Responses to NYSDOT Bingo

  1. Andy Rezsnyak says:

    Imagine the decals we could have had for the money spent on the last study, the one that was given to King Cuomo’s cronies in NYC, that told us the same thing that the rest of the studies did…

    Not sure you saw on your commute, the coring machine they were using around Kinney Street overpass on 481, thats for the other boondoggle, the canal path from nowhere to nowhere…

  2. Dan says:

    A man can live on Business Class alone. Ha. Half of what I sell is M2 product.
    With 50% market share and the economy as hot as it is we are selling a ton of them.
    Keep up the good work with the site.

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