NYSDOT Diamond Reo

In the name of economy and tracking assets old trucks like this NYSDOT Diamond Reo don’t often hang around 30 years after their active service time.  Nevertheless NYS still has a hand full of these rigs lurking around the downstate area. One of them still rocks a V-Plow and dump body while this truck patently waits for…something.Thanks to Newman for sending in these cool shots of a bygone time.

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3 Responses to NYSDOT Diamond Reo

  1. Matt P says:

    I know exactly where that is and always thought it cool how NYSDOT had it parked out there on display (for those of us who appreciate it).
    Awesome to see the inside now too.
    I love the site, I check every day for my required dosage!

  2. Philippe says:

    Very handsome. Looks very european !

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