NYSW Units 3014 and 3016

Once again our old friend chain link fence returns to mar an otherwise nice photo. The trains below are EMD SD40T-2’s built in 1978. They belong to the New York Susquahanna & Western railroad and were sitting on the elevated tracks that cut through downtown Syracuse on the outskirts of Armory Square. The amount of information available online about these trains is simply mind blowing. Just typing the train number into Google brought me to websites with literally hundreds of photos of each locomotive. Clearly train spotters are the most rabid of any hobbyist group!

Random Wikipedia Facts.

  • 312 SD40T-2 were manufactured between 1974 and 1980
  • Power provided by a 16 Cylinder diesel capable of 3,000 HP
  • SD40T-2 are commonly referred to as “tunnel motors” as they were designed to operate efficiently in tunnels
  • Unit 3014 has “snoot” nose for radio control equipment
  • At one point Southern Pacific (later Union Pacific) owned every SD40T-2

New York Susquahanna & Western 3016 - Click to Enlarge

EMD SD40T-2 Wikipeida Article

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