Old Construction Equipment

I was driving around last Saturday when I noticed a yellow dozer sitting near the back of a field. It wasn’t possible to tell what make it was from the road but that didn’t stop me from assuming it was a Cat. I kept on driving until a nagging feeling caused me to turn around. Working my way down a residential road to a break in the tree line I spied not a Cat but an International. I was shocked I tell you. Shocked!

Speaking of Internationals, here is a Dresser, which as we all know was the successor to the International line of construction equipment. I’m starting to think the plastic jug over the exhaust stack is factory feature.

And now moving onto an entirely different breed, John Deere. Hayes spotted this 760 tractor style scrapper in Davenport, IA. Ahh, the day before ROPS were standard equipment. In the event of a rollover just jump clear!

Great find Hayes, thanks for sharing.

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  1. Matt says:

    The big dozer appears to be an Internatioal TD-25C which was produced from 1968 to 1978. It replaced the TD-30 which became an engineering nightmare for International. The TD -30 was rushed into production never having a proper evaluation testing period. The replacement TD-25 series machines had a thorough ” run through ” testing period. The prototype and the limit first production models had all the engineering bugs worked out resulting in this fine production C variant.
    The big 25 C’s main competition was from Caterpillar’s D8H , Fiat Allis’s HD-21B and to a degree Terex’s 82-40.

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