On the Job – JPW Riggers

Another day. Another closed street in downtown Syracuse. Today we enjoy some high lifting action with a crew from JPW Riggers. Work is drawing to a close on a the rehab of a former commercial space that will soon be known as Merchants Commons. It appears mixed use buildings are all the rage based on the 90% occupancy rate of similar projects in the area.

I stopped by early in the morning and watched some of the setup of the crane. Returning during my lunch break found the crew lifting a large fan to very top of the building. A shrink wrapped generator patiently waited nearby for its turn to fly.

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The crane in question is a Terex AC 350/6. The lifting capacity is listed as 400 ton. Two diesel engines power this unit. The carrier motor is capable of 612 HP while the lifting engine puts around 279 HP. Total system height tops out at 412 feet. You can read all the details by clicking here.

Here is a short video of it backing up and lifting the fan.


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