On the Job – Random Cranes

I have a tough time photographing cranes usually because they are so large they are hard to frame correctly. Toss in a restricted job site and the task becomes even more difficult. Try, try, try again has to be the motto. I think my persistence has paid off with these two shots. The first cranes of 2014!

I was able to get a neat perspective on this Linkbelt 8690 from a nearby parking garage. While I wasn’t able to capture the lattice boom in the original shot its shadow does show on the wall for a neat effect. Raulli and Sons Ironworks is the owner and operator of this crane. If you recall they have a classic GMC General hanging out by their fabrication yard.


Yesterday I stumbled upon this Demag AC200 of Clark Rigging while it was hoisting a generator through the air. While this may seem like overkill it was really onsite to lift a large concrete catch basins (see below) for an ongoing sewer rehab project.


Everybody loves a Pete!


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