On the Job – Walking a Tightrope

This Friday, a man is going to walk a tightrope across Niagara Falls.  Yes, Niagara Falls.  George Wallenda’s journey will start on the American side and travel 1,800 feet along a steel cable suspended 200 feet above the falls.  If all goes according to plan, and I hope it does, Wallenda will arrive in Canada 30 to 40 minutes later.  Largely unaware of this event the Wife and I traveled to the falls the other day to take in the sights.  Luckily for me and for you that means photos of some custom trucks!  As of Monday afternoon preparations were already underway with the arrival of the rigs you see below.

Freightliner Argosy - Click to Enlarge

This Freightliner Argosy belongs to Musco Lighting.  Two identical units were located on the Canadian side of the border at Table Rock with a third truck located on the American side at Terrapin Point.  Obviously they will provided the lighting for Fridays big event which will be broadcast on ABC.  A dual front axle setup like this one is an uncommon site on U.S. roads but perhaps not so uncommon in Canada.  Ironically this truck wore Iowa plates.  Ok, I’m not sure what point I am trying to make so let’s move on.

Freightliner Argosy - Click to Enlarge

Back on the American side of the fence the NYS Emergency Management communications truck was already setup along with numerous cranes, bucket trucks, and other support vehicles.  Sorry, my vacation addled mind forgot to grab shots.

ATHS Springfield 2012 coverage resumes tomorrow, some really good stuff has yet to be covered.

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  1. Mike G says:

    Nice pics, Eric. As a lighting fan, I found your photos while looking up Musco Truck on Google. Walt Disney World hires-in two of these Musco Light truck-units each year to light the huge pre-race staging area at the Disney World Marathon (which I’ve run several times). I think the trailering unit towed by these Freightliners contains a huge diesel generator unit. Each truck/unit holds about 90,000 watts worth of HMI arc lighting, so they need alot of power.

    When I saw the night tightrope walk at Niagara on the news, I figured Musco was lighting it. These pics confirm that. Thanks / nice photos. Mike in NC

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