On the Job – Western Star 4700

I first saw this Western Star 4700 for Syracuse Haulers a few months ago while returning bottles and cans for my hard earned deposit. Always claim your deposit people. You don’t want to give your state more money than their entitled do you? Anyway, this truck stood out mainly because it’s a Western Star in an all Mack fleet of roll off trucks. To be precise the fleet is all Mack if you don’t count the one hard as nails and still working Autocar. At the time of the first sighting I wasn’t able to take a photo but I knew my time would come. Last week as I wandered the streets of downtown looking for anything to shoot I heard my personal siren call, the wail of an OSHA approved back up alarm.

Western Star 4700 Roll Off

The Syracuse Haulers colors look good on this rig and fit all the chrome that come standard on these trucks. I hung around for awhile watching as the driver placed and moved bins around parked cars in a narrow alley way. All in days work for man and machine.

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  1. Dave says:

    I really don’t like the hood on the 4700, but that one doesn’t look so bad.

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