Lost and Found – Terminal Dump Trucks

I passed by the former NEMF terminal for the Syracuse the other day and noticed a nice collection of older trucks hanging about. Like many other old industrial properties it has become home to a hodgepodge of smaller business looking for cheap rent. I suppose with the recent demise of Yellow I should stop by their shops in a few months to see what old iron it has collected.

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ATCA National Meet Macungie 2023 – Saturday Action

Trucks coming. Trucks going. What more could you ask for. Years ago I remember having the exit to Macungie Memorial Park all to myself as the show would wind down on Saturday afternoon. With each passing year more and more folks grew wise and began setting up chairs to enjoy the show after the show. I welcome the company!

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The Central New York chapter of the ATHS hosted their annual show this past weekend. Despite threats of torrential rain (that never showed) a great crowd of people and trucks showed up.

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Dodge Farm Truck

Here is an old Dodge farm truck currently for sale along Rt 20 in Pompey, NY.

I remember seeing this truck for sale on FB marketplace a few years back. Cool old truck in a tandem configuration. Not something you see much of anymore! This one appears the model with the swing out fenders which means it could be a LCF model.

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ATCA Macungie 2023 – Detroit Diesel Collection

Who doesn’t love the noise of a two stroke diesel? Please don’t answer if you are one that does not.

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ATCA Macungie 2023

It’s hard to believe but the ATCA National meet in Macungie has come and gone for another year. 

Here are just select shots from the 2023 show. You can view more by visiting the 2023 Flicker Gallery.

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Choose Your Truck

One of these trucks is for sale. Probably both. I remember seeing the yellow International for sale on Facebook marketplace before. I seem to recall it was in a non running condition according to the listing which is an odd thing to mention on FB MP. Usually everything is perfect running condition!

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McFadden Plow Days – The Photos

You’ve seen the videos now enjoy the photos. McFadden Plow Day 2023

McFadden Plow Day 2023

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Roadside Attractions Upstate NY Style

I recently came across these trucks for sale along RT 20 just west of Morrisville, NY. The orange Western Stars were former Town of Cazenovia trucks. I have no info on the Peterbilt and who cares about the Volvo. 😉


Image 1 of 6

Most of the plastic components on the beds of these truck were singed or melted. Close call in a barn fire? Regen gone wrong?

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Permanent Resident

I went to the Lake George this past weekend and the Empire State Towing and Recovery Association was holding their annual convention. 

It seems with each passing year the trucks become larger and more powerful…and expensive!

As some of your might have noticed all of my senses are constantly on alert for International S-Series and 4000 Series trucks. Out of the corner of my eye I happened to notice the unmistakable cab roof lines of my dreams.

This pristine example hails from the early 80’s as it still sports the IH emblem on the grill. Amazing.

On the way home I took a route through the lesser traveled regions of the state. Preston greatly enjoyed the lack of internet on his tablet. Pulling over to console him regarding his return the stone age I stopped in front of this old trailer.

Baldwin-Ehert-Hill made a variety of asbestoses products of the course of its existence. Now it remains as interesting roadside relic.

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