Pimp my Case 580 Super N Wide Track?

Welcome to another edition of Pimp My Backhoe…said no one ever. Inspired by the Ram Laramie¬†Longhorn, Case Construction Equipment has taken an ordinary 580 Super N WT backhoe and dolled it up for ConExpo and other trade shows across the country. Check out those rims, talking about rolling on dubs!

Inside the operators cab the Laramie accents cary over to the seat and other components.

While we all enjoy these photos I’m going to get on my soapbox and complain about the growing trend to photoshop and generally over work every press release photo when it comes to trucks and heavy equipment. Ram and Case are guilty of it in the non ConExpo photos while the new Cat trucks have never seen a real location in their life! I’m sorry but I’d rather see the real truck in a real location. That’s just me.

Source: CaseCE.com



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