Rail Car What Is It

Time for another edition of Rail Car What Is It. Today we have a large General Electric device. Some sort of large generator? Or maybe an steam powered industrial sized cheese grater? Inquiring minds want to know.


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6 Responses to Rail Car What Is It

  1. Jason says:


    From some pictures I found, it sure looks like a hydrogen cooled generator designed to be paired with a gas turbine in a power plant.


  2. Dave Beahan says:

    After working in a steam driven power plant for over thirty two years, I will definitely say it is a large GE generator for either a gas turbine or steam turbine plant. Yes most generators with steam turbines are hydrogen cooled , but our gas turbine generators were air cooled units. hope this answers your question.

  3. James Neiweem says:

    I agree. I’ll have to scratch my last assessment of the turbine exhaust condensing unit after looking at the thickness of the flanges and the bolting arrangement. Definitely high pressure steam

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