Ran When Parked

Ran when parked. If you’ve ever browsed the auto section of Craigslist you’ve seen this infamous tag line. This phrase is supposed to evoke a feeling of peace after you just looked at a series of photos depicting an item that has sat exposed to the elements for the past decade or more. Surely if it got to the middle of the field ten years ago under its own power it can do it again! Just write the check and it’s yours.

These Case tractors from the Empire Farm show auction look as they just came straight from the back pages of CL. Missing parts. Missing wheels. But if you’re a Case man how could you pass up this dynamic trio. Most likely they call came from the same fallow field. What a crop.

On the heavier side of things we have this Cat D6 dozer. This machine hails from a period of time when iron was plentiful. The thicker, the better. Running status of this Cat is unknown.

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