Rat Rods and Restorations

Who doesn’t love a good Peterbilt 3xx model truck? This one has all the prerequisite bits and pieces required to wear the red oval badge. Tall stacks, rounded headlights, roof mounted A/C, marker lights all over and a large sleeper with heart shaped windows. Class pays.

Peterbilt Semi Truck

On the polar opposite side of the truck spectrum resides this rat rod B-model Mack. Now, I know some of you are going to look at this truck and shake your head and declare it a waste while others will grin like little children on Christmas. Personally I think it’s pretty cool simply based on the amount of work that went into this setup. This truck is loaded with many tiny details and even larger engineering feats. This video only captures a few of them.

You don’t see too many Western Star cabovers on the road much less one in this pristine of condition.

Western Star Cabover

Enjoy wave after wave of fine machines as they arrive to the show. Warning, loud train horns from the first truck.

More. Always more.

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  1. Clarence says:

    That wasn’t that loud!

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