Road Gators, Scourge of the Interstates

Road gators, AKA the large chunks of rubber left on the road after a semi truck blows a tire.  Just like their natural born namesakes they can be extremely dangerous.  If you’ve ever had to swerve to avoid a shredded tire or worse yet, hit one, you know what I mean.  DOT crews usually try to clean the fragments as soon as possible but this usually requires lane closures with two or three trucks and crews working along high speed traffic.  Enter the Gator Getter.  A large drum looking device attached to the front of your standard dump truck.  Moving at high speed and from their safety of their cab a DOT crew can remove road obstacles in seconds flat.

Gotta say, this looks like fun.

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One Response to Road Gators, Scourge of the Interstates

  1. Dan says:

    I have never seen anything like that before – that’s pretty neat!

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