Rotary Dump Truck

While passing by Tartaglia Railroad Services one day I noticed this bright green dump truck. Honestly, how could I have missed it? This particular truck is setup to ride the rails and has a dump body that can rotate for the easy placing ballast and other such material.

Rotary Dump Truck

And then there is this thing. It was doing something the day I saw it. A thing that does something. Descriptive no doubt. If I had to take a guess I would tag it as a ballast regulator. It all comes down to ballast when you’re riding the rails.

MOW Vehicle

Take a moment to swing by the Tartaglia website to see shots of an old caboose currently used a conference room. Very neat.


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  1. Andy says:

    It is a baggage car… And it was a locally saved car that they fully restored. I believe that it came from the Syracuse and Skaneateles Railroad.

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