So Shiney

No offense to the Syracuse DPW but these trucks will never look as good again as they do now. But who says a truck dedicated to public service hauling leaves, snow, and dirt has to be without blemish? Heading home during lunch a few weeks ago I noticed this truck sitting in the Lowes parking lot from the high speed lane of the interstate I was traveling on. I quickly found the nearest exit and back tracked hoping I could catch the truck before it returned to work.

I’ve got to admit I find this truck to be a little goofy looking. The box is really tall and the wheel wells are massive looking with the current tire setup. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Now this next WorkStar I find to be more proportional looking. It has been sitting at a local radio shop for awhile which is a good thing as I kept forgetting to stop by for a look.

Notice that their is no plow equipment mounted for either truck which should help keep them running for decades to come.


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