Specialized Peterbilt

Take a look at this piece of equipment, it’s a machine designed to do one unique job, the removal of traffic stripes from roadways. That’s it. Nothing else. At least that is my story. I hope it does something else. It sure does have enough fans, filters, lights, wheels, bins and hoses. The arms you see in the middle of the truck are essentially giant grinding wheels that erase the epoxy stripe from the road. Very good at making dust and noise. Straight Line Industries is the proud owner of this rig.

Later in the day I came across another specialized truck from the PACCAR family tree. This truck is either brand new or PCS takes great care of their equipment. The RamVac HX-12 is a vacuum excavator and utilizes either compressed air or liquid to remove soil when searching for or installing new underground utilities. The technique reduces the chance of having a nasty accident like breaking a gas main.

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