Still Working – Chevy C70 Dump Truck

When I first spied this truck on the street the thought crossed my mind that I had stumbled through a wormhole and ended up back in the 80’s. It was the only way I could rationalize seeing such a near mint Chevy C70 dump truck working the salt encrusted streets of Syracuse. No scrapes, dents or rust bubbles in sight. Only one explanation is possible. A wizard did it.

Chevrolet C70 – Click to Enlarge

This particular contractor has quite the fleet of well maintained older equipment that still sees regular use. For example, this International Loadstar or this International S1900. But I don’t want you to get the wrong impression, Davis Wallbridge Inc does run plenty of new equipment, take a look at this Mack Granite.

Do you know of an old truck that is still earning it’s keep?  Email Me!

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