Still Working – Ford F750

Found on road dead. Not this old F-750. I’ve seen it around town the past day or so hauling bobcats, soil and its own butt in a brisk manor. I can’t tell you much about other than the obvious like color and general shape. Probably a gasser under the hood. At one point in time you couldn’t flip through Truck Trader without seeing hundreds of these trucks. Today, not so much.

Ford F750 Dump Truck

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  1. Mike says:

    Every small general contractor in my area (north shore of Boston) rans Ford or Chevy gasser dumps thru the early 1980’s. Pavers, celler-hole excavators – “ubiquitous” doesn’t come close. If you couldn’t afford a diesel 10-wheeler (or didn’t really need one), Some companies kept at least 1 rebuilt engine and transmission in reserve, which was way cheaper than keeping a DD, Mack or Cummins on standby!

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