Still Working – GMC General

This GMC General was spotted along NY RT 5 east of Vernon, NY.  This Five Star warrior hauls pool water for Schaller Pool Water.  This is one of two companies(that I know of) on RT 5 in the same general area that haul pool water.  Who knew there was such a demand?  With the all black paint and the large air dam on the cab this truck really reminds me of the Rubber Duck from the movie Convoy.  Built between 1977 and 1988 the General represented the last true Class 8 truck manufactured by GM.

Do you know of an old truck this still working to earn its keep?  Email Me!

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  2. Horace R Cadwallader says:

    I have a 86. 5 star general tow truck
    I tow the newer trucks with it. Makes me laugh. It still runs great.

  3. KJ Humphreys says:

    I just came across this post. This General was bought brand new in 1985 by R.B. Humphreys. It was originally a medium red with a Detroit 8V92T engine. Schaller repainted it black and when the motor blew up he swapped it out for a Cummins. All of the cabover Kenworths that K.A. Hinman uses to haul pool water up the road were all former R.B. Humphreys trucks as well ironically.

  4. Toronto says:

    We have a 88 5 star general dump and it runs like a baby – a little problem finding parts but boy this truck can go!

  5. Douglas M Vitus says:

    I also own a 88 general dump, 315 cummins 8ll . I have owned a total of 7 generals some dumps some tractors. I really like my generals and cab parts are hard to find. I am looking for a gmc fluid drive fan clutch for a spare, or a Horton clutch fan setup, must be for a big cam cummins.

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