Still Working – International Dump Trucks

I’ve crossed paths with plenty of old ‘Binders over the course of the summer. Some may feel that I seek them out but in reality they seem to be everywhere. I guess they were built to last or International made A LOT of them. Reality is often what you choose to decide.

The truck below is a Fleetstar 2050 and was spotted behind near the Brockway Truck museum in Homer, NY. It now wears the lettering of a local contractor but beneath the hastily applied flat grey paint you can see spots of yellow that speak to a former past life of municipal work.


While younger than the Fleetstar the S1900 is at least 20 years old and boy does its paint job reflect every last year of it. I’ve seen this truck running around downtown and I believe it to be gas powered.


Do you know of an old truck that is still earning it’s keep?  Email Me!

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