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Yesterday I made the call the to swing by the Fair Grounds to check on the demolition and clean up process of the Grand Stand. While crusing down I-690 and straining to see through the cloud of salt dust kicked up by traffic I saw the the rear end of snow plow. The roads were dry, the the sun was out and the temps were high so it took me a moment to realize that the truck was actually being towed. The wrecker was old school and moving slow. For a moment I thought my chance had come to see the 6×6 Autocar of the Syracuse DPW in action. I have to keep waiting on that one. Turns out the truck in question was this nice single axle Mack DM hauling a International WorkStar from the Town of Plymouth, NY.

Mack DM Wrecker

Before you start cracking jokes about another Maxxforce on the hook take a moment to observe the photo. First, no Maxxforce badge is visible. Second, check out the windshield. It’s smashed from the inside out. Third, the rock shield on the dump bed seems busted and out of wack. My unofficial diagnosis? This truck flopped onto its side or into a ditch. Anyway, I really couldn’t get a good shot while driving alone so I put one and one together and cut on ahead to the local International dealer. I took up a spot in the the local travel plaza and waited. A few minutes later the DM rolled on through and took the truck down to the local IdeaLease facility. I hung around for a bit longer hoping to catch a shot of the truck leaving. I zoned out for a bit and almost missed by shot. By the way, I believe I shot this truck when new this past October at NYS Highway and Public Works Expo the click here.

Mack DM Wrecker

I tailed him for a bit before I took my ramp to the fair grounds. It’s a Weld Built body out back that looks very familar to a DSNY rigs. Check out this photo for reference. If I’m correct, that would make two consecutive days Daily Diesel Dose has featured former DSNY rigs. That’s okay. Keep importing these fine machines to Upstate!

Mack DM wrecker

Oh, If you’re wondering what is going on at the fair? Too much! The site has nearly been cleared of all debris. I was absolutely amazed that 2500 tons of concrete and 150 tons could be process so quickly. Seriously, it has been three weeks to the day that the implosion took place! Most of the scrap has appeared across the tracks at the Upstate Shredding location.

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  1. Mark Bickelhaupt says:

    I think that DM is an old NYC MTA Bridge & Tunnel Authority unit. The yellow is darker than MTA, but they have red wheels. Similar setups to DSNY, NYCDOT & FDNY. All who use Weldbuilt wreckers. I checked, but haven’t seen a DM with MTA, but a lot of others with this color scheme.

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