Syracuse Recycling Cleanup?

It’s been 10 months and counting since a massive fire claimed the building that Syracuse Recycling called home. Shortly after the flames were extinguished demo crews demolished the surviving walls of the structure and carted the large iron beams carted off for scrap. After that, not much happened. I guess large piles of melted plastic have no value. Just last week a few dumpsters, an excavator and two dump trucks arrived on the scene. One, a Mack Midliner with hydroseeder seems worthless at this stage in the game but the second truck should prove more valuable.

Diamond Reo Dump Truck

Yup, another Diamond Reo still in the trenches. This one is starting to look a little worse for wear with goobered up headlights, mismatched turn signals and hasty patched roof. I’m not complaining actually, I like this world weary look. At one point this truck was owned by Ciotti Enterprises but the lettering has since been removed so your guess is as good as mine. The picture below gives you a good idea about the eyesore this location has been for East Syracuse.

Diamond Reo Dump truck

Hopefully in the coming weeks more details will emerge leading to videos and photos for you and for me.

Past Coverage

Syracuse Recycling Destroyed by Fire

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