Tempting Fate

Sure has been a nice string of weather recently. Let’s tempt fate by looking at plows. 

We’ll start off with a true power couple, a pair of Onondaga County 6×6 Paystars. In the winter months you can find these trucks with V-Plows busting the drifts of the hill country.

On the topic of Paystars, how about this custom unit from the City of Syracuse? I’ve never seen it on the road.

And lest you think all plows around here date from the ’90s here is a pair of soon to be snow fighters. The only time Macks show up at the Freightliner dealership is to be upfitted with bodies and such.

Hopefully many of these trucks have seen their last runs for awhile including this blower from NYSTA. My quick once over of this unit didn’t provide any clues to the builder. Anyone know?

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One Response to Tempting Fate

  1. Mark Bickelhaupt says:

    I believe that’s a SMI- Snowblast, A division of Sicard in Watertown, NY. NYSDOT still has some brothers of this blower, but in a finer shade of chrome yellow.

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