Terex S-24 Scraper

I’m not sure how I feel about these photos. While it was exciting to finally be able to explore the Luber Homes property they also represent the end of an era. Long time visitors probably recall a post the earlier days of this site regarding the expansive collection of old equipment right past the NYS Fair Grounds. If not, click here to visit. For as long as I have been alive these machines have been a welcome site. Not once did I pass by and not marvel at the collection while wondering what they looked like in their heyday. As you read these words no doubt some pieces have already been moved off property to their new homes. Soon there will be nothing but empty lot left behind and the Syracuse area will be just a tiny bit less intriguing.

Anyway, there were nine Terex scrapers (with one still wearing the Euclid nameplate) up for action this past Saturday. All but the two used as parts machines were operational in the fact their 12V71 Detroit Diesels fired up with a shot of starting fluid into the air breather. With all seven machines running you could hardly hear yourself think much less see the sun which was obscured by clouds of white smoke. I can hardly think of a place I’d rather be. But don’t take my word for it! I made a video.

By all accounts that rigs with the dual exhausts were the machines used ten years ago on a 20 million cubic yard job. And to go even further the auctioneers stated that twice a year factory representatives would show up and service the machines. As you know I rarely hang around for the bidding to start on these items. Simply too much screwing around on small crap. However, I can tell you through hearsay that the scrapers when for about 3,800 a piece. Will they be saved? I choose to believe yes.

Believe me when I say there is much more to come from this auction but it happens but I also am leaving for the ATHS national show in Des Moines today so it might take awhile to get around to it. Feast or famine! It always happens this time of the year.

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5 Responses to Terex S-24 Scraper

  1. Randy says:

    I very much wanted to attend this auction to buy one of these scrapers, I grew up around them, the last of them were cut up in about 2005. I’d very much like to find out where they are and try to purchase one to use at the local National Pike Steam Gas and Horse show in Brownsville PA. Who was the auctioneer? Thanks

    • Eric says:

      Alex Lyon was the auction company. I would like to make the Brownsville show some year. Best of luck!

    • Robert says:

      We have 2 of the TS 24 scarpers. Could you help me out, with a few questions regarding the scrapers. For example, how do you check the frony transmission oil?

  2. geoff booth says:

    I have 2 1969 S24’s. I’m looking for a CLT 5840 transmission for one.

  3. chester showalter says:

    What did they cost new?

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