The Autocar DC-64D

The DC line of trucks by Autocar has an impressive history and immediately brings to mind a heavy duty, no nonsense, severe service truck. The “relaunch” of a conventional styled tractor by Autocar was generally well received by the trucking community. It seems that the countless comments and suggestions over the years to offer something other than a cab forward truck did not fall on deaf ears. Almost as soon as the DC line was reborn as roll-off chassis people begin clamoring for a dump truck application. Autocar is still listening. Enter the latest version of the DC-64D, the Badass.

Great to see the Autocar bowtie back on a conventional style hood!


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4 Responses to The Autocar DC-64D

  1. Dave says:

    So now the question is will Preston be taking photos of this truck at the 2051 ATHS National Show and posting it to DDD.

    Nice to see the recent content Eric! I appreciate your efforts to share all of the great images and video that you capture.

  2. Bill O'Neal says:

    Im trying to establish a reasonable value for a 1960 Autocar DC87D and a 1969 Autocar DC64D Dump. Both have above average restorations. Can you recommend a source i can contact or Internet site?

    • Eric says:

      Unlike classic cars the classic truck marketplace varies greatly in prices with no single authority helping to provide guidelines or set prices. To come up with any idea you will have to do your own homework. I would suggest browsing through the marketplace on the ATHS website, the numerous Facebook pages dedicated to classic trucks, and even visiting some of the commercial truck sale website as they often have older trucks for sales. You may have to just test the waters with a price you set and see the response. Good luck!

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