The Cat – D & H Railroad

Here is a great mystery truck for all you rail fans and truck fans alike. Hugh shot this photo back in 1978 at the D&H railyard in Whitehall, NY. What make a truck do you figure this to be? Clearly is Caterpillar powered but the badge on the hood is a mystery. I was quite surprised to find very few shots of the truck online as foamers are usually great at documenting every aspect of railroading. What do you think it is?

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  1. Brian Kelly says:

    It is a Sterling built by a guy in Kansas City who received permission from White trucks to use the name. Most trucks were built for railroads. I met the guy in the late 70’s when I dropped in on him. He was planning other trucks too. He had a concept for a Euro style COE with a Deutz engine.

  2. Hugh Strobel says:


    Thanks for soliciting an answer who built the D&H truck.


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