The Crossroads of New York State

I was coming home from the National Brockway show two weeks ago when I passed through the scenic town of LaFayette, NY. If you are familiar with the area you know that the hills surrounding the town provide for near perfect apple growing conditions. Each October there is a massive apple festival, the town’s claim to fame. But LaFayette has another ace up its sleeve, it happens to sit at the geographic heart of New York State. The town straddles the U.S. Routes of 11 and 20. Route 11 runs North/South from Canada all the way to Louisiana while US 20 is the longest road in the United States, stretching coast to coast for some 3,365 miles.

International Paystar – Click to Enlarge

Despite living 15 miles outside of LaFayette and traveling both 11 and 20 numerous times I never stopped to think about how far the roads really reached.  It’s interesting to think that the humble ribbon of road through your home town can connect you to people and places hundreds of miles away.


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