The Ghosts of Trucks Shows Past

I’ve started backing up my photos to “the cloud” as it is all the rage. I backup most of my material on a regular basis but it’s good idea to have at least one location that doesn’t reside under my own roof. Going through some of my older stuff I’ve come across more than a few cool photos from truck shows past. As I go through the material I’ll share what I find.

Yesterday I started with the 2007 ATHS Twin Tiers chapter truck. At the time this event was held in Cortland, NY (or maybe Homer, NY) and coincided with the National Brockway Truck Show. As you might have figured the Brockway turn out at this event was always large. Browsing through the photos from the show one truck caught my eye. This 1960 260L.


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The 260 is one my favorite Brockway models and this truck has all the right bells and whistles with dual spotlights, orange beacon, and air horns. I don’t believe I have seen this truck at any shows in the past two or three years so it’s practically brand new!

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