The Heavy Iron – Dobbins Auto Parts

Today we have the heavier side of the Dobbins scrap yard. The gallery below contains trucks of all shapes and makes. I even added a few Walters that were lost in the avalanche of material. There are a more than a few unique vehicles to be found in the photos below. As far as the buses go I really like the looks of the old Henderson Central School rig and what appears to be a Ford wearing military paint and lettering. Finding a ’62 Chevy wearing a door that read Santaro-Taroson was a geek moment for me. I am familiar with the Santaro Trucking company from modern times but never realized there was once a partner in the business. On the second page of the gallery you will find a strange looking hood that once belonged to a White Truck, or least that is my guess. The paint scheme matches a nearby White cab but I get a Brockway way vibe when I first glance at the hood. The grab handle gives me a Hayes feel. What do you think?


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  1. Joe Kelly says:

    Hi Eric. I never noticed before but I am pretty sure that Fleetstar dump in picture 2 once belonged to Madison County Landfill. If so, it was a 1968 and was owned new by the Town of Brookfield.

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