The Most Extreme Trucks

Do you remember a time when the cable channel TLC actually stood for The Learning Channel? Before shows about edible wedding dress made by little people who also participate in beauty pageants while trying to flip homes you actually were able to watch programming that enriched your brain instead of shrinking it. The Discovery Channel was much the same before it was overrun by terrified naked people. I don’t remember which one of these channels used to air Extreme Machines shows but those sure were good times. I remember watching this episode as youngster when you had no choice but to view it live or move on with your life.

If you’re a busy person I’ll break down some of the highlights for you.

3:30 – 10:00 Crazy Euro wheelie trucks and the jet truck Shockwave

12:20 – 18:12 NYFD Mack and Seagrave fire trucks. Now classics.

20:43 – 24:33 Haul of Fame Trucking Museum (Shut down by state of CT?)

25:36 28:28 Mack Truck torture chamber (Personal favorite from all those years ago)

37:32 – 38:40 International PayStar5000 Baja 1000 Race Truck (Cummins M11 scream)

Basically, you should just watch the whole thing. Other segments also include a seven million dollar Kenworth, Euro Truck Racing and self parking truck.

Thanks to Dave for unearthing this gem on Youtube. It brought back many good memories.

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