The New Brockways In Town

This weekend I spent sometime at the Brockway Truck Museum as the new exhibit truck for the year were put in place. Many hard working and talented individuals volunteer countless hours of their time to make this home for Brockway Trucks a reality. This year twelve trucks will be on display offering a fantastic cross section of trucks from the 65 year history of the company. Two such rigs represent the highest horsepower units ever available from the company.

Brockway U-Model

The 1972 U360 model seen above has been meticulously restored to a condition eclipsing any factory made unit. On loan to the museum for one year the truck arrived without a hood to showcase a Detroit 12V71 that has been clean, polished, and chromed like few seen before. Not a single part of this truck escaped the eye of its restoring. Chromed steering box, painted wheel wedges, upholstery from top to bottom, two tone painted u-joints, the list goes on and on. You truly must see this truck in person. It is a work of art. This truck has been in “hiding” for a very long time. Congratulations to the crew for finally tracking it down and convincing its owner to loan it the museum for a year. See it while you can!

Brockway U360

If you stop by the museum this year, and you really should, you’ll find a face off taking place between the U Model seen above and this equally impressive 1973 H model. Proudly owned by Jimmy McLaughlin, this truck is equipped with a Caterpillar 1693. As I said before, both trucks are locked into a stare down on the museum floor. I’ve tried but I can’t determine which I like more.

Brockway H360TL

Hopefully these shots have convinced you to stop by the CNY Living History Center. In addition to the physical trucks there are countless artifacts, displays, and photographs relating to Brockway Trucks and the truck industry in general. And don’t forgot, the Brockway section is just one part of the Living History Center. If you’re passing by there is no reason NOT to stop in.

In the effort of transparency I’ll mention that I am new member to the Brockway Truck Preservation Association board. I’ll take this time to mention a brand new YouTube channel dedicated directly to the brand of Brockway. Below you’ll find the inaugural video. Please subscribe! There is much more to come! Below, a time lapse video of the exhibit swap, an entire day boiled down into four minutes.

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  1. Hamad says:

    Hello, do you have an old model 1970-1972 Brockway truck for sale?

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