The Old Tractor

I’ve heard some rumors that sales of new farm tractors are flat while the market for older machines remains strong. In this modern age of electronics some manufacturers, John Deere specifically, have made it nearly impossible to perform “unauthorized” repairs on their tractors. Without specific software keys the owner of the tractor is essentialy locked out of their machine. Thanks to our friends in the former Soviet Republics hacks are now available through invite only back door forums providing owners with the digital keys necessary to repair their tractors. The entire debate is fascinating and worth the read over here at Vice.

Anyway, I’m not sure about the real market factors that are at play in the used tractor realm but I’m all for keeping the old iron around for as long as possible. I came across this pair of old IHC farmhands a few weekends back as they rested in a field.

One thing is for sure….no one is shutting these beasts down through a satellite uplink.

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