The R-Model

Back in the mid 60’s Mack Trucks found themselves in an interesting position regarding the future. After 13 years their B-Model line of trucks was near the end of an extremely successful existence. While the B was tried and true it was time for something different and thus the world was introduced to the R-Model in 1966. A worth succesor, the R-Series would roll of the production lines of Mack for nearly 40 years. The outward appearance changed little over the decades while spawning variants like the U and DM. In the mid 70’s the cab was made deeper and the steel dash became a thing of the past. Numerous engine choices came and went. This 1985 R-686ST example was seen at the 2015 ATHS national convention and meet. While the sound of a Detroit Diesel is unmistakable the Mack engines of the past certainly have their own charm. This truck will give you a great idea of what I mean.

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