The Trucks of the Cardi Corporation

Macks! Macks as far as the eye can see! Ryan stopped by Cardi Corp a few weeks back and was presented with a golden opportunity to photograph their immense fleet of mixers and dump trucks.

Cardi Corp (608) (1024x683)

B, R, DM, CL, Granite and Titan. Nearly the complete Mack alphabet was to be found on the Cardi grounds. Granite with spokes? Gotcha.

Mack Granite on Daytons

Very impressive to see a company running what many would consider “old” equipment nowadays. The trucks wear the marks of rigs that work hard everyday but they are by no means worn out beaters. Ryan tells us the trucks were immaculate. He even tried to eat off the frame of one but was told no.

Mack DM Tanker

Amazing! The trip to Cardi was part of much larger visit to sites throughout the NYC and New England area. Much, much, more to come. Thanks to Ryan for always being so generous with his photos. Make sure you check out the gallery below and for deeper coverage.

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  1. John Germani says:

    I Drove Autocar Dump trailer for about
    6 years the only one they ever had is it still with Fleet of older trucks the early 70’s.

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