The Ultimate Collection

This past Saturday I had the privilege to visit the Tackaberry Collection, a world class assembly of trucks, tractors, heavy equipment, diecast models, and other memorabilia that has no rival. If you disagree just look at the image below. Who else has a restored Pay Hauler flanked by a Dresser TD-40 on display. ‘Nuff said.

International Payhauler

With over ten buildings packed with restored and original trucks I really didn’t know where to begin so I mostly wandered around in circles with my father in a constant state of awe. Most of what lies within the barns will remain a mystery (unless you’ve been there or seen other photos) as I just couldn’t decide what to photograph first. I didn’t feel I could do the trucks or the collection justice with a fuzzy or cramped photo so I just let them be. Besides, you really have to see this place for yourself. The three shots below will give you a basic idea of what it was like to visit each building.

While there was plenty see inside there was an equal amount, if not more, neatly arranged the rest of the property. I spent most of my time outside during the visiting wandering the rows of trucks awaiting their chance to be restored or help another vehicle be restored. More on those later. While I would say nearly every brand of truck every produced in North America has a least one representative present in the collection International Trucks hold a majority. You won’t hear any complaining from me about that!

International Fleetstar

So much to see. So little daylight. One of the newest arrivals was a Ward LaFrance fuel tanker straight out of Brooklyn. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen a non fire truck WLF truck in my life.

Ward La France Fuel Truck

If you can’t find something to drool over here you don’t like old trucks. Or tractors. Or heavy equipment. Or much of anything at all!



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  1. Andy says:

    I just looked his place on google maps… You son of a…
    Next time you go up, and need a driver so that you can be rested for the visit…

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