Trucks of the Trade

I noticed something the other day while getting the photos ready for today’s post. The trucks at the Empire Farm Days are never new. The tractors and other various implements are new but not the trucks. Example, this 1996 International Paystar with H & S forage box. New body. Old truck. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with old trucks. In fact I prefer them over the newer models. Farms are often a good final job for old rigs as they stay off the road during the salt rot months and are usually looked after rather well. A farmer makes no money if the crops rot in the field so your truck better run. I suppose this is a case of function coming before form. Besides, who could afford a new truck after buying a new tractor?

International Paystar5000

This Kenworth may have been a newer model but they have used the same body style for so long who can tell.


This older style Mack has a giant blender out back.

mack farm truck

If you’re looking for new models the trucks hauling show goods usually were top of the line. Check out this JCB Peterbilt 579. This truck has patio doors and an attached deck.


Some oldies made the trip as well. A local tractor club brought along some trucks to spice things up. This International KB is the perfect combination of survivor/restored.

International KB Pickup

Below, some video from the demonstration field.

And the rest.

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