Two for One

I can tell you for a fact that this nice looking single axle Western 4700 is heading for the Town of Manlius Highway Department. The dark emereled green color was a clue while the factory destination sticker hanging in the window only served to end all conspiracy therory talk. It will be interesting to see how this truck turns out as it is a little “plain Jane” looking compared to the rest of their fleet. Click here for an example.

Western Star 4700 Snow Plow

Everest dump body and American Sno-Plows. Standard 4700 power is found in the form a DD13 connected to an automatic transmission.

Everest Dump Body

Here we have a tandem axle 4700 wearing a similar shade of green. Another possible Manlius truck? This time the window sticker was not visible so let the theories run wild! This color green may also work for NYS DEC.

Western Star Dump Truck

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