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I happened across this little U-Haul truck a few months back and was intrigued by the graphics on the side. How could I ignore what appears to be a Peterbilt hauling an over sized load across a frozen ice road? I followed the directions that instructed me to visit uhaul.com and was surprised by a well put together story for each of the “supergraphics.” You can view the story about the Canadian Northwest Territories by clicking here. I guarantee you will learn more about ice road trucking from U-Haul than by watching the six seasons of Ice Road Truckers.

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On the topic of IRT, will there be a season seven? According to Dave Redmen, a driver from past seasons, the answer might be yes. A video posted on his Youtube channel claims that producers, cast and crew have assembled in Canada to film a new season. Alaska is out of the season this year. Possible drivers include Jack, Tony and Austin. As usual, Dave has some colorful opinions on the show and of his former TV friends. The premise for season seven pits Hugh and Mark (Polar Industries) in a head to head company competition. Hugh has supposedly assembled 10 trucks in Canada in a bid to unseat Mark. Dave points out that the TV show covers the cost of all repairs and maintenance to the trucks involved in the series. This allows Hugh to buy junk trucks, fix them, and then sell them for more than he paid at the close of filming. Interesting stuff. You can check out the full video by clicking here.

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  1. Steve King says:

    Learn more about the truck graphics from the artist that created them here: http://www.kingillustration.com/u-haul-graphics.html

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