Unsafe Lane Change

Around the City of Syracuse there are many old rail road bridges.  Some a very low and have the habit of snaring the unsuspecting truck driver.  Bridge and truck crashes are so common that the local news media barely bothers to report them anymore.  But it’s not every day that a semi takes the plunge off an elevated portion of the Interstate and onto the local streets below.

Image from Syracuse.com

Reports have this 2004 Freightliner as traveling north on Interstate 81 on the way to Toronto, Canada.  While attempting to make a lane change the driver lost control of the truck and hit a bridge abutment causing the cab to separate from the frame and land on the streets below.  Hours after the accident the engine and front axle could still be seen dangling from the elevated highway.  Thankfully, the driver and his passenger escaped with only minor injuries.   The driver was issued a citation for an unsafe lane change.

For more photos and details click the links below.

Canadian truck driver, passenger survive 25-foot plunge from I-81 in downtown Syracuse – The Post-Standard

Truck plunges over edge of I-81 in downtown Syracuse – CNYCentral.com

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