Vital Parts

At the start of the week I had an idea of how I wanted to present my coverage of the Mahan Collection open house. Looking back at the past few days I can see that I’ve gone completely off track so here are bunch of photos with no overarching theme.

Setups like this were all over the property. Maybe you made dioramas during your school days? This is the adult version.

Truck Collection

Here we have a Universal Crane mounted on what a believe to be an AC model Mack. The cab may or may not have been cut down for storage of the boom. It’s possible through old age that it was simply crushed. Universal Crane was the first company to produce truck mounted cranes. This setup seems particularly intense with its tracked wheels. It must have been quite the machine back in the day.

Universal Crane

Classics saving classics with this Kenworth W900.

Kenworth W900

And many more.

You can’t save old trucks without more old trucks. Check out this video to catch a glimpse of the bone piles found around the various workshops. I imagine a few resemble what scrap yards of the 30’s looked like!

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