Volvo VNX

Yesterday Volvo dropped the redesigned VNX, the heavy haul flagship of their North American offerings. As with every redesigned vehicle of all time designers and engineers worked closely with existing customers to tailor the truck to exacting needs. God only knows what they would come up with if they were left to their own devices. Probably something like the Homer. Anyway, the new VNX will be powered by the Volvo D13 or the Cummins X15. Cab configurations include daycab, low roof regional sleeper and high roof 70″ sleeper. Axle configurations will include 6×4 tandem, 8×4 tadem and 8×6 tridem.

If you are so inclined you can read the press release here at Transport Topics. It’s full of useful information but the line I found most interesting was…

He said that the company offers these types of severe-duty models worldwide, including its home country of Sweden, and is ready to expand its presence in the segment in North America. He pointed specifically to Canada and upstate New York as regions where heavy-haul applications are prevalent. 

Good ol’ Upstate NY at the center of the modern trucking world!

Check out the video below for some great self indulgence VNX imagery.

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