We Need A Bigger Plow

In the snowflake world this plow must seem like jaws. I’m not sure if the white triangles on the blade skirt are meant to be some sort of safety marking or just a decal that raises the level of coolness on this WorkStar. Either way, it works. I guess the wing man in this truck must be the bashful sort or was expecting to do some pretty aggressive shelving!

Onondaga County DOT – Click to Enlarge

And as usual, video.

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6 Responses to We Need A Bigger Plow

  1. Bryan says:

    Could it be symbols for how many seasons it has seen?

  2. Joe says:

    Nice shot Eric. This is one of Onondaga County’s 2012’s.

  3. Ed D. says:

    They are safety markings, and are reflective. Its the same material that the road signs are made of. This is one of 2 that we got last year. They both have performed well for us.

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