Western Star 4800SF – Town of Pompey

Do you know this truck yet? It’s the Western Star 4800 6×6 for the Town of Pompey, NY. I first noticed it on the dealer lot October 19th, 2013. Back then it was just a bare chassis. The next major development in its life cycle came when the Hi-Way Do-Al body was installed sometime around March of this year. And now, thanks to my wife stopping by the dealership, we have the finished project. *trumpet sound*


At least six months and counting to get to the stage but it was worth it! Right? Eagle eyed visitors may notice one slight changed on this truck from March photos and this photo from two days ago.


The bumper has been painted black from the factory color of white. That’s it as far as I can tell. The case of the Western Star 4800 for the Town of Pompey is now closed. Hope you enjoyed the coverage.

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